Tarxien Temples


These prehistoric temples, believed to have been constructed between 3600 and 2500 BC, offer a mesmerizing glimpse into Malta’s distant past and hold a significant place in the books of human history.

Historically, the Tarxien Temples served as centers of worship and communal gathering, providing a space for ancient rituals and ceremonies. The precise purpose of these rituals remains a mystery, but the temples’ intricate design and alignment with celestial events suggest a deep connection with the cosmos and the changing seasons.

Tarxien Temples extend far beyond their architectural marvels. They provide a vital link to Malta’s ancient past, offering insights into the lives, beliefs, and practices of its early inhabitants. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the temples stand as a living testament to the enduring legacy of human creativity and the enduring connection between past and present.

How do I get there?
To reach St. Paul’s Catacombs from The Embassy Valletta Hotel one would need to walk to the main gates of Valletta and take a right to the bus terminal A6, A8 or A9 and take the bus route 81, 84, 85 or 88. After about 15 minutes exit at ‘Neolitici’ bus stop and Tarxien temples should be not more than 300 meters away.
Alternatively, our front office team would be more than happy to call you a taxi.

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