Valletta celebrates Carnival

It’s that time of year when Valletta goes party-mode! February brings along carnival, which takes on a traditional pattern; extravagantly coloured floats going along the streets of Valletta and people running around in fancy costumes for 5 whole days!  

Carnival in Malta is celebrated right before the start of Lent and this year will be held between Friday 21st and Tuesday 25th February.

Carnival celebrations in Malta go back to the times of the Knights of the Order of St. John who celebrated Carnival in grand style. The tradition of Carnival survived throughout all these centuries. Nowadays, Carnival is marked by a competition of colourful, massive floats accompanied by parades of dancers dressed up in grotesque masks and costumes. 

A number of carnival balls and parties are also organised in and around Valletta. Experiencing Valletta during these days is a unique experience. So if you happen to be in Valletta in Carnival, just let your hair down and go with the flow – it’s perfect if you want to enjoy a good party!

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