Experience the Traditional Maltese Festa

The traditional Maltese Festa

When talking to any Maltese about local traditions, they will argue that local festas dedicated to the patron saint of each locality are a must for any tourist visiting Malta. From religious and ritual celebrations to street decorations, band marches and colourful fireworks displays, anyone visiting the Maltese islands particularly during the Summer months, should witness the spirit and passion many enthusiasts dedicate to their village festa.

Village festas have a long tradition, yet a sense of rivalry and competition between band clubs and villages promotes continuous innovation. By always challenging their limits, various fireworks factories have established themselves as world-class performers, winning various local and international awards.

If you happen to be in Malta during the Summer, make sure you experience one of the most traditional and popular events in the country – the festa. It will surely be a memorable experience and an opportunity to take some cool selfies to take home with you!

Image source: Mario Galea

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