A Walk into Art History

Valletta is the ideal city for all art enthusiasts. Whether you’re into Baroque, neo-classical, modern or contemporary art and architecture, Valletta offers various magnificent artistic works that are a must if you’re staying in this historic city.

One of the most recent attractions to open in Valletta is MUZA – the national art museum that is located just a few minutes’ walk away from the Embassy Valletta Hotel. The museum features both local and international artists displaying several works of art over different floors. The collection is laid out in sections inspired by stories grouped into four main themes, namely: The Mediterranean,Europe, Empire and The Artist. 

The display is remarkably unusual as it puts together old masters with contemporary artworks, groups artworks and objects in ways similar to contemporary art installations, presents techniques on videos and interactive experiences complementing objects and artworks on display. Key works include those by Southern Italian artist Mattia Preti, British 20th century artist Victor Pasmore, and Malta’s own top 20th century sculptor Antonio Sciortino.

MUZA is located inside a prime 500-year old historic site which once served as the seat of the Italian knights of the Order of St John. Different historic features such as the main staircase have been rebuilt in contemporary material. You can even walk into the main courtyard to discover the beauty of this building.

In 2018, the project has been flagged by The Guardian as one of 13 must see new European museums and also by Architecture Digest as one of 15 noteworthy brand-new worldwide museums which opened in 2018.

When visiting Valletta, make sure you set aside at least two hours to explore this exceptional museum. If you are into art, it is a must see stop in Valletta.

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