Dedicated to helping improve Valletta’s environment

As a key stakeholder in Malta’s capital, we are committed to improve Valletta’s environment. 

We will contribute towards a greener Valletta by joining efforts with the Valletta Local Council and partner travel and corporate companies. Our aim is to plant a tree around the city with every number of bookings generated through our partners in this scheme. This is a unique initiative to improve Valletta’s environment.  

We are dedicated to helping improve Valletta’s environment and integrate a corporate responsibility program to see Malta’s capital city better than ever. We believe that through our actions we can have a positive impact on your life, whether you are a visitor, employee, or a resident. It is our mission to continuously seek new ways in which we can contribute towards a greener Valletta. 

For this initiative, we have adopted the slogan ‘We Care, You Care, Together We Can’ as we truly believe that collectively we can achieve more for this magnificent city. 

Needless to say that we are excited to launch this program, so keep following us for more updates! 

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