Spending the day with the kids in Valletta? There’s lots to enjoy!

  • Take a ride on the Barrakka lift

The old lift at the Upper Barrakka Gardens was a bit of a legend – rusty, old and spooky. Not anymore. Since the new, state-of-the-art lift was installed, it’s become one of the major attractions, not to mention an extremely convenient way of actually getting inside Valletta. What’s in it for the kids? Spectacular scenery and the thrill of going down a substantial height never fails to get the little ones excited. Best of all? They’re in a safe, contained space and you can just enjoy the scenery with them.

  • Take the train around Valletta

You know what one disadvantage to our beautiful city is? It’s full of hills and, there comes a time when you really don’t feel like dragging and tired and irritated child around with you – no matter how captivating the sights and the shops. Grab a seat on the train that will take you all around the city in comfort, taking in all the main sites and injecting a dash of fun in the proceedings. Best of all? All kids love trains!

  • Watch a movie at the cinemas

The Embassy Cinema, located within the hotel premises, is always showing the latest titles, so after you’ve enjoyed ice-cream, chilled at the Upper Barrakka and generally tired your child out, it’s time to hit the theatre! Check the website to keep updated on which child-friendly films are on, there’s always something happening and – best of all – you get an hour and a half (or more) of rest while the little ones are kept totally entertained.

  • Enjoy an ice-cream in one of the squares

A visit to Valletta is certainly not complete without a visit to one of the artisan ice-cream places strewn around the capital. Republic Street is pretty much lined with high-quality, Italian gelato. Watch your child’s eyes light up as they take in all the brightly coloured flavours! Friendly tip – always ask for an empty  cup, even when the little ones choose a cornetto. Saves a lot of heartbreak for those who can’t keep up with the melting rate.

  • Take a walk near the Breakwater

The rocky beaches around Valletta offer some truly spectacular scenery – there’s Sliema and Manoel Island right opposite, the historically amazing Three Cities and an endless stretch of azure sea to on the other side. On a sunny day, why not get the little ones to use up some of that pent up energy with a brisk walk along the shoreline? You can take the steps opposite the Mediterranean Conference Centre and keep walking left in the direction of the Breakwater. Or else, use the other end from near Saint Biagio’s Steps and keep walking right.

  • Drop in at the Lower Barrakka gardens

Both Barrakka Gardens offer a great, green space for children to play. Pack a football with you and enjoy an impromptu match with the little ones on the massive terrace at the Lower Barrakka. And when they get tired out, a drink from the kiosk outside will sort it.

  • Visit some museums

Valletta is a veritable museum in itself and some of the island’s best museums are also housed within the walls of the city. There’s the Museum of Archeology, which will undoubtedly keep the little ones enthralled with the figurine of the Fat Lady. MUZA showcases some pretty impressive works; St John’s co-Cathedral is one whole museum, replete with prestigious artworks…the list is endless.

  • Take a stroll by the Siege Bell Memorial

Weighing in at 10 tonnes, this bell is pretty impressive even by adult standards. Take a detour after your stop at the Lower Barrakka to visit this amazing memorial that was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth in 1992 to celebrate the 50th anniversary since Malta was awarded the George Cross.

  • Be impressed by the saluting battery

At noon everyday, the Upper Barrakka Gardens get transformed into a hive of activity as locals and tourists swarm to experience the ceremonial artillery shooting from the ancient fortification, with the Grand Harbour as spectacular backgdrop.

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