Cool Tours to help you discover Valletta and beyond

When searching the internet, you will immediately notice the number of landmarks and other hidden locations that one can experience when staying in Malta. Although Malta and Valletta are rather small in size when compared to other European cities, the rich amount of interesting sites worth exploring are limitless. After all, the best things come in small packages!

To help you discover the best of Valletta and the rest of the islands, we are proposing the following specialised tours which depart from the vicinity of The Embassy Valletta Hotel. Each tour is lead by experienced guides or group leaders who are happy to share their knowledge about Valletta and Malta in a fun way.

Tours can be booked directly from our Hotel Reception Desk. And if you are still unsure which tours to take, just speak to our Front Office team and they will guide you accordingly. 

  • Tour 1: Valletta Walking Tour

What makes Valletta so unique and how did this great city come into being? Who were the Knights of Malta and how did Valletta develop during the British period? Join this tour to learn how it all began and about the events that shaped Valletta into the city that is it today. 

Tour Info: Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00. Duration 2.5Hrs. Language: English. 

  • Tour 2: Explore Valletta By Night

Learn about the ‘Bloodiest Battle of the 16th Century’, the life of a knight, their lavish lifestyle, and the intriguing vow of chastity! In addition to all the famous attractions around Valletta, you will also discover little known stories, hear anecdotes and loads of gossip. This animated tour is conducted by a guide in costume. 

Tour Info: Wednesday and Friday at 18:30. Duration 2.5Hrs. Language: English. 

  • Tour 3: Gozo Hop-On Hop-Off + Heritage Sites

This full day tour offers an excellent opportunity to explore most of Gozo on a Hop-On Hop-Off bus with 14 stops. You will experience some of the most popular sites on Malta’s sister island, such as the Ggantija Neolithic Temples, built 5,500 years ago – that’s older than Egypt’s pyramids! You will also have time to explore other less-known gems that Gozo has to offer.

Tour Info: Daily according to Hop-On Hop-Off schedule. 

  • Tour 4: Boat Ride to wonderful Gozo & Comino

If you’re looking for a day of total relaxation at sea, this is the perfect tour. You will board the luxurious gulet Fernandes, where you will be served a buffet meal while on your way to Gozo and Comino. Once arrived, you will have plenty of time to swim in Gozo’s marvellous seas and the crystal-clear blue seas of Comino’s Blue Lagoon. If, on the other hand, you prefer enjoying the sun, you can also sunbathe on the large vessel’s decks. A fully stocked bar in also available on board.  

Info: Vessel leaves Sliema daily at 10am. You can easily reach Sliema from Valletta by sea ferry in just 20mins.

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