AMORA by Cirque du Soleil in Valletta

Cirque du Soleil returns with a spectacular show made uniquely for Malta. AMORA is a love story full of acrobatics and heart – pumping performances that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story will lead you through a captivating journey of love, adventure and community. Join us for a memorable evening at the MCC in Valletta between the 24th of November until the 18th of December.

AMORA invites you to wander the whimsical and wonder-filled world of La Valette, where the streets come alive with heart-racing acrobatics, curious characters, and the contagious power of love.

The story centres around a clumsy but lovable character, Bruno. Gazing up to the skies of La Valette, where he sets eyes on a mysterious woman, Loulou. Captivated, he tries to climb up to her balcony to reach her … but she flies away and vanishes out of sight.

Bruno’s obsession to find Loulou grows as the story unfolds. He sets out on a quest to find her, meeting colourful new friends with extraordinary powers along the way. These characters will teach Bruno how to defy gravity and reach the sky to unite with the woman he loves.

Despite Bruno’s clumsiness and many challenges along the way, love ultimately conquers all, and the entire city comes together in celebration as he finds his way to Loulou’s heart.

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