Discover Malta: Your Ultimate 4-day itinerary

Before we dive into our 4-day itinerary for your Malta holiday, keep in mind that our dedicated front office team is on hand to help tailor your experience. If you’d like to add other activities during your stay, simply reach out to them for further suggestions. With their assistance, you can create a truly memorable and personalized Maltese adventure.

Day 1: Explore Valletta and Sliema

Begin your Maltese adventure by exploring Valletta, the island’s capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Start your day with a visit to St. John’s Co-Cathedral, a stunning example of Baroque architecture and home to Caravaggio’s masterpiece, “The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.” Continue to the Upper Barrakka Gardens for panoramic views of the Grand Harbour and the historic Three Cities.

After enjoying the view, wander the narrow streets of Valletta and admire the beautiful architecture of the city, including the Grandmaster’s Palace and the Auberge de Castille. Later, take a ferry to Sliema, a vibrant coastal town known for its shopping and dining options. Walk along the picturesque promenade and take a refreshing swim at one of the rocky beaches. Retrieve back to Valletta and finish off the night with some delicious meals from our Rooftop Restaurant while admiring the sunset.

Day 2: Discover the History of Mdina, Rabat, and Birgu

On your second day, head to the ancient city of Mdina, Malta’s former capital, also known as the “Silent City.” Walk through the Mdina Gate and explore the narrow, winding streets, visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Palazzo Falson. The city’s bastions offer breathtaking views of the Maltese countryside and the coast.

Next, venture to the neighboring town of Rabat, where you can visit St. Paul’s Catacombs and the Domus Romana, a well-preserved Roman villa with intricate mosaics. In the afternoon, head to Birgu, one of the historic Three Cities, where you can explore Fort St. Angelo and the picturesque waterfront. While there’s no beach nearby, you can relax at one of the many cafes or wine bars in Birgu and enjoy the stunning views of the Grand Harbour.

Wrap up your day with a traditional Maltese dinner at a local restaurant in Birgu before returning to the Embassy Valletta Hotel.

Day 3: Experience the Beauty of Gozo

On your third day, take a day trip to Gozo, Malta’s sister island. Begin by visiting the ancient Ġgantija Temples, which are among the oldest freestanding structures in the world. Then, head to the stunning Dwejra Bay, where you can see the Azure Window’s remains and explore the Inland Sea.

After exploring Dwejra Bay, make your way to Ramla Beach, one of Gozo’s most popular sandy beaches known for its reddish-golden sand and crystal-clear waters. Relax on the beach, take a swim, or enjoy a leisurely walk along the shoreline.

Once you’ve soaked up the sun at Ramla Beach, continue to the picturesque village of Xlendi, where you can enjoy a seaside lunch and another opportunity for a leisurely swim. Finish your day in Gozo’s capital, Victoria, where you can visit the impressive Citadel, offering panoramic views of the island, and the vibrant marketplace at Independence Square.

Day 4: Relax on Malta’s Beaches and Visit Marsaxlokk

Spend your final day soaking up the sun on one of Malta’s beautiful beaches. Visit the Blue Grotto, a series of caves on the southeastern coast, where you can take a boat tour to explore the natural beauty. Alternatively, head to Mellieha Bay, Malta’s largest sandy beach, perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

In the afternoon, head to the charming fishing village of Marsaxlokk. Stroll along the waterfront, admiring the colorful traditional Maltese fishing boats called “luzzus” and browse the local market for souvenirs. Enjoy a fresh seafood dinner at one of the village’s many restaurants before saying goodbye to Malta.

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