The Green Key certified Embassy Valletta Hotel has strengthened its sustainability efforts

The Embassy Valletta Hotel, which opened in Malta’s capital in 2020, has earned its reputation for providing exceptional customer service while retaining sustainability as one of its key pillars. To keep their standards at the highest level, the hotel therefore regularly innovates in a variety of sustainability-related areas.

About our sustainability initiatives, Hubert Debono, the General Manager of the hotel says:

“Since the opening of The Embassy Valletta Hotel in 2020, we wanted to ensure that sustainability forms part of our core values. We are dedicated to helping the environment and integrating a corporate responsibility program that sees in its foreground sustainability and support towards our community. We believe that through our actions we can positively impact people’s lives. It is our mission to continuously seek new ways in which we can contribute towards this cause.”

With a beautiful location in the heart of the city, the Embassy Valletta Hotel is designed to address the needs of the discerning guest, whether travelling alone or in a group, for business or leisure. The hotel offers eighty-one spacious and comfortable rooms, an in-house cinema, fitness and spa area, a meeting and conference area, an elegant courtyard bar, a rooftop restaurant, and an outdoor infinity pool boasting spectacular views over Valletta and beyond.

During the last year, the Embassy Valletta Hotel has significantly decreased the need of printed customer documents by introducing a hotel app where guests can find relevant information about their offers and services, historic sites, events, and recommended restaurants. The app also enables the guests to communicate with the guest relation’s team via a direct chat. Furthermore, all hotel rooms have a TV system providing the same type of information, and thereby eliminating the need for paper flyers.

Other initiatives taken by The Embassy Valletta hotel to preserve the environment and adhere to Green Key criteria focus on four main areas and include:

  • Energy Management: To save energy, the air-conditioning in all rooms stops working automatically once any windows in the guest rooms are opened. In addition, all room lights switch off within ten seconds of removing the key card from the control switch.

  • Waste Management: To minimise single-use plastics, the bathroom amenities by L’Occitane are provided in refillable bottles. The complimentary water offered to guests is filtered on site to avoid the use of plastic water bottles and at the same time decrease the carbon footprint of the hotel. The waste bins in the Embassy Valletta Hotel are furthermore provided with separators to recycle waste more efficiently.

  • Water Management: To reduce water and energy use, the hotel actively encourages its guests to re-use their towels and has furthermore introduced a new towel and sheet washing saving measure.

  • Social Sustainability and Education: The hotel frequently organises extensive trainings to all employees to make sure that everyone aligns with the establishment’s values when it comes to protecting the environment. The Embassy Valletta hotel also closely collaborates with different NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) and other enterprises within the community such as the Valletta Soup Kitchen, by providing free meals, Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna, an organisation dedicated to the study and preservation of Malta’s cultural heritage, and the M’Xett Regatta club, a popular and traditional boat racing club which performs twice a year in the Grand Harbour and involves various youth in this sport and local tradition.


The International Green Key Director, Finn Bolding Thomsen, would like to

“congratulate The Embassy Valetta Hotel for becoming Green Key certified and for its commitment to sustainable development and environmental responsibility.”

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