Ggantija Temples

Deep in the heart of the Maltese archipelago lies a mesmerizing archaeological wonder, the Ggantija Temples. Dating back to a staggering 5,500 years ago, these prehistoric temples are among the oldest free-standing structures on Earth, predating even the Egyptian pyramids.
Located on the island of Gozo, the Ggantija Temples are shrouded in mystery and folklore, their name itself deriving from the Maltese word “ggant,” meaning giant. Legend has it that these awe-inspiring temples were built by giants, as the enormity of the stones appeared beyond human capability in the eyes of the local inhabitants.
As you step into this ancient sacred site, you’ll be awestruck by the sheer scale and complexity of the temples. Two distinct temple complexes, Ggantija I and Ggantija II, form the Ggantija Temples, each featuring a series of chambers and altars. The largest stones used in the construction are estimated to weigh over fifty tons, a testament to the advanced engineering skills of Malta’s Neolithic people

How do I get there?

To get to Ggantija Temples you would first need to reach the island of Gozo. Starting from The Embassy Valletta Hotel, head over to Upper Barrakka Gardens (see image below for directions), from there get the elevator down to Valletta Waterfront where the Valletta – Gozo ferry is located (we recommend booking the ferry tickets in advance). After arriving to Gozo walk about 50m to ‘Vapur’ bus stop and catch the bus no. 322. After about 30 minutes get off at ‘Imqades’ bus stop and you should be able to see the Ggantija Temples in front of you.

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