Grandmaster’s Palace


Nestled in the heart of Valletta, Malta, the Grandmaster’s Palace stands as a resplendent testament to the island’s rich history and enduring grandeur.

Constructed under the orders of Grand Master Jean de la Valette, the founder of Valletta, the Grandmaster’s Palace served as the official residence of the Grand Master of the Knights of St. John. Its magnificent facade, adorned with intricate details and iconic balconies, reflects the opulence and power of the noble order.
One of the most remarkable features of the Grandmaster’s Palace is the State Rooms, adorned with exquisite tapestries, frescoes, and gilded decor that showcase the artistic mastery of the time.
Today, the Grandmaster’s Palace houses the Office of the President of Malta and serves as a repository of the island’s historical and cultural treasures.

The Grandmaster’s Palace recently underwent a restoration, focusing on reshaping the building to its original form, reinstating historical spaces like the palace Armoury and Uccelliera, and adding a visitor’s center. Significant work was also done in areas such as the Orangere and State Halls.

With tickets costing only €12, Grandmaster’s Palace is a must-see for anyone visiting Malta.

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How do I get there?
Grandmaster’s Palace is conveniently located in Valletta, less than 200 meters away from The Embassy Valletta Hotel.

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