Dating back over 5,000 years, the Hypogeum is one of the world’s oldest underground temples and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Carved meticulously into the living rock, this underground labyrinth comprises three levels, each revealing the ingenuity and advanced skills of its Neolithic creators.
Step back in time as you explore the Hypogeum’s hauntingly beautiful chambers, adorned with intricate stone carvings and fascinating murals that depict scenes from the lives of Malta’s prehistoric inhabitants. Archaeologists and historians have been astounded by the acoustic perfection of this underground sanctuary, where the eerie whispers of visitors create a hauntingly harmonious resonance.
Beyond its architectural brilliance, the Hypogeum holds a profound spiritual significance. It is believed that this sacred site served as a place of burial and ritual practices, connecting ancient societies to their ancestors and the divine realm.

How do I get to the Hypogeum?
From the Embassy Valletta Hotel Hypogeum is reachable by bus or taxi. To get a taxi, simply ask our front office team to book you one. To get a bus, head out to Valletta’s city gate. From there take a left and head over to terminal A8 and take the bus no. 84. After about 14 minutes, get off at the ‘Ipogew’ bus stop and walk for about 150 meters until you reach Hypogeum.

Note that buses no. 82 from terminal A7 and no. 88 from terminal A8 also go to Hypogeum but take slightly longer.

Picture taken from: heritagemalta.mt

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