Popeye Village

This whimsical village was built for a fun movie back in the old days, and now it has become a colourful and cheerful attraction that welcomes families and visitors from all around the world.

Popeye Village is like stepping into a storybook world with its cute little houses, cheerful colors, and beautiful sea views. It’s a great place for kids and adults alike to have fun and let their imagination run wild. You can explore the village, meet friendly characters, and even watch entertaining shows and performances.

If you’re looking for a day of laughter, magic, and adventure, Popeye Village is the place to be. With its unique charm and joyful atmosphere, it’s sure to leave you with wonderful memories that you’ll treasure for a long time. Don’t miss the chance to visit this magical place and be part of the Popeye Village story!

How do I get to the Popeye Village?

From the Embassy Valletta Hotel Popeye Village is reachable by bus or taxi. To get a taxi to there simply ask our front office team to book you one. To get a bus, head out to Valletta’s city gate. From there take a left and head over to terminal B6 and take the bus no. 41, 42, 49 or 250. After about an hour drive, get off at ‘Snajjin’ bus stop and wait for bus number 101. After about 7 minutes you should be in Popeye village, get off at ‘Popeye’ bus stop.

Picture taken from: travelawaits.com

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