Chasing Pandora – Rendezvous

This November marks the comeback of the illustrious singer-songwriter duo, Chasing Pandora.

Responding to the many requests of their devoted fanbase, the Valletta Cultural Agency unveils the much-anticipated concert, Chasing Pandora – Rendezvous, taking place on the 10th November 2023 at 8pm within the cosy confines of The Embassy Hotel in Valletta.

Rekindling cherished memories for their audience, Chasing Pandora vows to ignite a wave of nostalgia as they revisit their most iconic hits, promising an evening that will be etched in the hearts of all attendees. Aptly named, Rendezvous, this event guarantees an unparalleled musical experience.

Recognised for their ability to foster intimate connections within indoor theatres, Chasing Pandora is poised to deliver a performance beating with raw emotions and storytelling. Their musical voyage will traverse the evolution of their sound, featuring selections from their debut album ‘Mocking the Mockingbird’ and the subsequent ‘The Driver and the Dancer.’ In addition to their timeless classics, audiences can anticipate surprises in the form of personally curated covers, original poetry, and hidden gems from their illustrious repertoire.

Accompanying Chasing Pandora on stage will be a stellar line-up of seasoned musicians, including Danny Magro on guitar, Ismael Azzopardi on keyboards, Steve Magro on bass, and Pawlu Portelli on drums. Together, this assembly promises to orchestrate a symphony of sound that will undoubtedly resonate within the souls of all in attendance.

Entrance to this event is free, ensuring that the magic of Chasing Pandora’s music remains accessible to all.

Join us on the 10th November at 8pm, at The Embassy Hotel in Valletta for an unforgettable Rendezvous with Chasing Pandora – a night where memories will be made and melodies will echo through the corridors of time.

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