Republic Square and the Bibliotheca

Take a stroll through Valletta’s vibrant Republic Square and discover the architectural wonders that surround it. With its bustling atmosphere and historic charm, the square offers a glimpse into Malta’s rich past. Admire the grand statue of Queen Victoria at its center and marvel at the stunning Baroque buildings that line its perimeter.

Nearby, the Bibliotheca, Malta’s National Library constructed in the late 18th century, beckons with its elegant facade and rich cultural heritage. Step inside to explore its extensive collection of books and manuscripts, offering insights into Malta’s fascinating history and culture. Whether you’re soaking in the sights of Republic Square or delving into the treasures of the Bibliotheca, a walk through these iconic landmarks is sure to leave you enchanted with the beauty of Valletta.

Conveniently located less than 200 meters from The Embassy Valletta Hotel, these attractions are perfect additions to any itinerary.

Image taken from Visit Malta on Facebook

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