The Embassy Valletta Hotel Sponsors New Kajjik ‘Guzi l-Babett’

In line with our ongoing commitment to the community, The Embassy Valletta Hotel proudly sponsored the crafting of a new Kajjik named ‘Guzi l-Babett’ for the Marsamxett Valletta Regatta Club. This Kajjik, meticulously built by Mr. Berry Cassar, is set to compete in the traditional Maltese rowing competitions – Regatta Ta’ Malta.

At the unveiling event held at The Embassy Valletta Hotel, our General Manager, Mr. Hubert Debono, emphasized the hotel’s dedication to supporting local traditions and the community. “As we have always said since the opening of our hotel, we are committed to being part of our community. Therefore, the assistance we provide to Marsamxett Valletta Regatta Club is a clear example of how we want to help both the community and local traditions. We believe we must give back to the community that has treated us so well, and through this collaboration, we are supporting the cultural heritage of rowing, which is an integral part of Maltese history,” said Mr. Debono.

Mr. Adolf Vella, Club Secretary, shared insights into the Kajjik project and expressed gratitude towards The Embassy Valletta Hotel for our support. He also acknowledged the contributions of Mr. Berry Cassar and Mr. Lawrence Ciantar in crafting the Kajjik. The club honored the late Joseph Vella (aka Guzi l-Babett) by naming the new Kajjik after him.

Mr. David Brydon, Club President, highlighted the importance of private support, acknowledging The Embassy Valletta Hotel’s commitment to the club over the last three years. He stressed that such sponsorship is crucial for sustaining the club and fostering the local rowing culture. Mr. Brydon also called on the Valletta Local Council to continue supporting local sports organizations.

Valletta’s Mayor, Mr. Alfred Zammit, praised the Marsamxett Valletta Regatta Club for their resilience and dedication. He encouraged unity and cooperation within the community, especially in challenging times, and congratulated the committee and upcoming election candidates.

The event concluded with guests admiring the new Kajjik, adorned in the club’s yellow and blue colors, as an official surveyor measured it in the presence of the National Rowing Association Secretary. This collaboration between The Embassy Valletta Hotel and Marsamxett Valletta Regatta Club is a testament to our commitment to enriching the local community and preserving Malta’s rowing heritage.

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