Eating Out in Valletta

Maltese cuisine is the result of the islands’ history and the connections between the islanders and the different conquerors who occupied Malta for centuries. These constant contacts have given Malta a varied mix of Mediterranean cooking.

Although many restaurants in Valletta serve international dishes, you can find various Valletta eateries that offer or specialise in Maltese cuisine, serving their own versions of traditional specialities. It is easy to get stuck when looking at a menu as the options may be numerous. To make your life easier, check out our top-picks that you may consider when visiting any restaurant in Valletta:

To commence we suggest that you opt for a Maltese platter with bigilla, sundried tomatoes, Gozo cheeselets and marinated olives, usually served with crunchy and warm Maltese bread. It’s the best way to try different tastes in one serving. The fried rabbit in garlic, the octopus stew and the bragioli are a must as mains. A ftira biz-zejt (ftira bread usually filled with tuna, olives, capers, tomatoes and topped with olive oil), timpana (baked macaroni), and ross il-forn (baked rice) are alterantive cheap options if you’re on a budget.

Before leaving the restaurant, don’t forget to try the Imqaret – fried sweet pastries filled with dates, and often served with ice-cream. And if during the day you only have a short break, check out local pastizzerias and try the most popular traditional snack in Malta – the pastizzi; pastry cheesecakes, usually filled with mashed peas or ricotta. After all, holidays are meant to be about new experiences, immersing yourself in a new culture!

Valletta is packed with quaint eateries, most of which open for both lunch and dinner. Beautiful old buildings in Valletta have been renovated and turned into unique restaurants. For a quick grab for lunch, you can opt for the several casual eateries spread all over the capital. For a more romantic meal, try a late-night dinner at one of the many restaurants along Strait Street – you’ll find a selection at any price-range, all steps away from the Embassy Valletta Hotel. Otherwise experience one of the refined Michelin-Star restaurants in Valletta – there are 9 exclusive Michelin-star dining spots with some of them within a short stroll away from our Hotel.

Valletta is about new and memorable experiences. It is a special destination for those who are looking for a vacation filled with history, culture, adventure, sun, fun, and above all, good food.

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