Culture Vultures – Top 10 things to do around Valletta

If you’re visiting Valletta anytime soon, you’ll be amazed by the various activities and interesting spots that the city has to offer. These are some of our top picks which you may consider while staying at The Embassy Valletta Hotel. 

  1. Take a tour at Spazju Kreattiv

With a jam-packed calendar, Spazju Kreattiv host a series of festivals, regular art exhibitions, theatre productions, concerts, film and opera evenings and even activities that are specifically targeted towards children. Check out the programme at

  1. Discover Valletta’s historic chapels

Many of the smaller chapels and churches in Valletta are replete with art and a fascinating history. The Church of St Catherine of Alexandria is one of the more popular ones, showcasing a titular painting by Mattia Preti that depicts the martyrdom of St Catherine. The painting was donated to the church by Preti himself.

  1. Take a historical tour of Valletta on the big screen

Watch the glorious history of the capital city come alive on the big screen at The Embassy Cinema. Valletta Living History is a 35-minute long audio-visual show in high definition that showcases the arrival of Valletta’s earliest settlers, the Great Siege, French and British rule, World War II and more.

      4. Visit Strait Street

It was known as The Gut for its less-than-savoury reputation between the 1950s and the early 1970s, but nowadays Strait Streets is a fun destination for the entire family. Replete with cafes, restaurants and bars, this is the ideal spot to wind down after a morning exploring Valletta – and, in the evening, watch it transform into one of the trendiest night spots on the island.

      5. Check out the Museum of Archeology

Take a walk through Malta’s chequered history while exploring one of Europe’s most intriguing museums. From the awe inspiring myth of the fertility lady and the temples she graced to the artifacts used by our ancestors, a tour through this museum keeps both kids and adults enthralled by the stories being weaved by the exhibits.

       6. Join a tour of Teatru Manoel

Our national theatre is one of Europe’s jewels, with tourists coming specifically to enjoy a production on its hallowed boards. Now, the theatre also holds daily daytime tours that will take you to see the backstage wonders and to experience the architectural charms of this beauty.

       7. Enjoy breathtaking views from St Elmo’s

And, while there, admire the recent renovation job that has transformed an already stunning fort into something even more special. Besides the obvious, and bloodied, historic connections, St Elmo’s was the location where a number of iconic scenes in movies were shot – starting with the classic Midnight Express.

      8. Have fun discovering original shop signs

Add some fun to your walk by keeping an eye out for all the old shop signs that still exist in some areas. Most of them tell a fascinating story! Good spots to start are Merchant’s Street by the old market and St Lucy’s Street.

      9. Grab a book and coffee at St George’s Square

Few spots are as excellent for people-watching as this buzzing square. When the sun is out, grab a take out coffee – or ice-cream for the little ones – from one of the nearby cafes and hog one of the benches there. Kids can splash around the music fountain that chimes on the hour, while the grownups can chill.

      10. Relax and enjoy panoramic views over the city.

If you’re staying at the Embassy Valletta Hotel you can unwind by sitting next to our outdoor heated panoramic pool where you can enjoy amazing views over the city and beyond. You can also grab some bar bites and a refreshing cocktail from the hotel’s Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge.  It’s an experience in itself any time of the day.


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