Romantic city moments

Romantic city moments

Valletta is full of breath-taking spots and cosy corners to woo your loved ones. Here are our top picks.

  1. Take in the sunset from Hastings Gardens

These gardens must be the most romantic in the city. Not as popular as the Upper and Lower Barrakka, there’s ample space to sit and stare in each other’s eyes. And you will definitely find less of a crowd, so there will be no awkwardness. Catch the sunset and watch it play over the Triton Fountain or across Manoel Island, from the other side of the garden.

  1. Take a tour of Casa Rocca Piccola

Touted as a ‘living, 16th century palazzo’, this museum will set anyone’s imagination on fire. Owned by the Marquis de Piro, the palazzo is a veritable treasure trove of history and guided tours are held everyday except for Sundays and public holidays.

  1. Wine and dine in the city

Granted, Valletta restaurants and winebars have become increasingly popular, but this does not make them any less romantic. Dining at The Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge located on the top floor of The Embassy Valletta Hotel is a unique experience where you can savour amazing dishes while enjoying the magnificent views over the city and beyond. There are also a number of cosy winebars, if quiet spots and a good vintage are your thing. Or maybe you’re more of a hip and happening couple – in which case get yourself down to trendy Strait Street. Trattorie, Indian food, continental…it’s all in the city for the picking. Just make sure you book first – you won’t impress your date much if you wind up with no free tables.

  1. Take them to the movies

Seduce your date with some old-fashioned romance and take her to the cinema. Is your partner more of an action fan, rom-com enthusiast, horror aficionado, or all of the above? The Embassy Cinemas always carry the latest list of blockbusters and hits, so there is bound to be something to tickle the fancy of both. Not just popcorn but also bar bites and prosecco are now available at The Embassy’s cinema bar. Choose your preferred snack, wrap your arms around your date and get ready to have fun.

  1. A stroll by the breakwater

Whenever it’s not windy, what could be more relaxing that a leisurely walk by the city’s shoreline? Walk down to the Mediterranean Conference Centre, take the short flight of steps down to the shoreline and get ready to be dazzled by an amazing backdrop…and we’re not just talking about your partner here! Want to make it extra special? Take a picnic basket and some wine to enjoy those post-sunrise moments…

  1. Say it on the seas

Want to treat your date to something completely different? Take them on a short boat ride around the Valletta harbour. It will hardly set you back anything and you’re guaranteed the best views in town. There isn’t even any need to make much of an effort to impress – sit them down and let them relax and soak in the scenery. Day (or evening) made.

  1. Go for a refreshing swim

Staying in Malta means that you can enjoy long days of sunshine almost all year round, and if you’re the adventurous type you can even take a dip in the rather warm winter months, unless you prefer the warmth of The Embassy Valletta Hotel’s outdoor heated pool. Valletta’s beaches might not be the most popular in Malta, but this does not mean that they’re not gorgeous. For starters, there’s no sand to make your hair look stupid and there aren’t the crowds of tourists and locals that you’d expect from the more popular locations, either. Get yourself down to the area right before St Elmo’s, or go further in by the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The sea is deep, blue and beautiful… and so are their eyes as they gaze into yours.

  1. Experience Cultural Festivals

The various festivals happening in Valletta during the year transform the city into a veritable hub as people flock to enjoy the island’s most popular arts and cultural events which bring together a mix of arts from traditional theatre, music and dance, to more contemporary artforms. With performers by some of Malta’s top artists and a host of international names, finding the right event for your date is not a problem.

  1. Seduce them in style

If you’re planning some serious seduction on the menu, well then your choice is pretty obvious. An overnight stay at The Embassy Valletta Hotel. What’s so special about a one-night stay, you might ask. Well, for starters you can get your date wined and dined without worrying about getting home sober. Secondly, what could be more romantic that these gorgeous Valletta buildings that have been transformed into stylish hotels to meet your every whim? Just don’t miss breakfast in the morning…

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