Giving a helping hand towards Soup Kitchen Malta

A local entity that is working tirelessly towards those in need in our community is the Soup Kitchen OFM Valletta. From the very beginning, the Soup Kitchen recognizes a greater hunger beyond the hunger for food and their goal has always been to providing their guests with more than just a hot meal.

The Soup Kitchen is a charitable organisation managed by the Order of the Friars Minor in Malta (OFM), and aims at serving its visitors nourishment for their soul and body. Among the services that they offer, one may find reading, meditation and music, computer classes and discussion groups, as well as hot, nutritious meals that are prepared to the over 100 guests who visit the Soup Kitchen every weekday. 

Seeing the precious work that the Soup Kitchen OFM makes towards the local community, we have decided to give a helping hand by providing a free meal once a week to all its guests. The meals are all prepared by our team of chefs at the hotel and are delivered directly to the Soup Kitchen OFM which is located a short walk from The Embassy Valletta Hotel. 

Our commitment towards such initiatives is based on our core values which encourages continuous support to the local community. We are proud that all the employees working at The Embassy Valletta Hotel show great dedication towards our drive of helping different volunteer organisations. 

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