The Embassy Valletta Hotel signs sponsorship agreement with Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna

Since the opening of The Embassy Valletta Hotel, we’ve built our core values on supporting the local community and preserving Maltese heritage. Valletta is rich in its history and patrimony, and as one of the leading hotels in Valletta, we want to ensure that what we’ve inherited from our fathers is well preserved for future generations. 

In this regard, The Embassy Valletta Hotel has just signed an agreement with Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna to support their precious work in preserving local heritage. As part of this agreement, The Embassy Valletta Hotel will be contributing towards the development of a new audio-guide system and related scripts, translations and narrations into five different languages which will be used at the new Time-Gun Museum that Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna will be inaugurating towards mid-2023. The new Malta Time-gun Museum is situated under the Malta Stock Exchange building on the right of the Upper Barrakka Gardens’ entrance in Valletta, and tells the story of the Saluting Battery since its foundation by the Hospitaller Order of St. John in 1566 and its continued use by the successive French Republican and British forces in the 19th and 20th century. It also documents the history of time-signalling in Malta within the context of the history of time and navigation.

Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna – the Malta Heritage Trust is a voluntary non-governmental organization (VO/0117) active in the fields of cultural heritage preservation and management. It was formed in October 1987 and is responsible for a rich array of cultural heritage sites that together span some 7,000 years of continued history.

Tickets for the different attraction managed by Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna can be purchased from their website or directly from our Hotel Reception. 

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