Explore Malta’s Grand Harbour: Journey to Three Cities, Sliema, or Gozo

Image of Malta's Grand Harbour with the backdrop of Valletta

Embark on a journey through history and grandeur as you take a ferry ride across Malta’s iconic Grand Harbour. Steeped in centuries of maritime heritage, this legendary harbour boasts a breathtaking backdrop of historic fortifications and charming waterfront towns.

If you planned on visiting Malta’s neighbouring island, Gozo, this is the perfect chance to get there quick while adoring Malta’s coastline in the process.

The Three Cities are renowned for their rich historical significance and architectural beauty so what better way to get there than in a traditional Maltese boat, Dgħajsa? For a price of just a few euros, the locals will gladly take you to the Three Cities, and if you are lucky enough they might even share a few history lessons along the way!

Sliema & St. Julians are Malta’s most vibrant cities famous for their nightlife and an abundance of bars & restaurants, so if you are looking for a fun night out, consider catching the ferry from Valletta’s Waterfront.

The Valletta Waterfront is easily reachable from The Embassy Valletta Hotel. After a short 9 minute walk to Upper Barrakka Gardens, take the lift down to the waterfront and your ferry will be waiting just around the corner.

For ferry schedules visit vallettaferryservices.com

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